Stop losing winnable B2B deals with Mutual Action Plans

Imagine your pipeline being healthy and full of sweet opportunities. Your prospects fit your customer profile and your chances to win these deals are seemingly assured. All well, right? Or are your customer conversations going round in circles, you’re stuck waiting for them to finalize their “internal discussions” and you’re struggling to get those deals […]

The duality of the B2B Sales process

While the ultimate purchasing decision is done by a buyer, the selling and buying process are two sides of the same coin. As a seller we persuade our counterpart of the merits for our product. As a buyer we evaluate the trade-off of acquiring said product. So what’s the take-away? As a seller, we put […]

How to use Stageset?

This article presents the best practice when using the Stageset tool with your clients

Sell like a doctor – Prescriptive Sales

Whether we like it or not, we are all salespersons in our daily lives. Be it when we discuss where to go for holidays with our partner. When we want our kids to have good eating habits. Or when we have an idea / concept that we want to bring to our working colleagues. We […]

Selling + Buying = Sales

Wait what? How does Selling and Buying equal Sales? One of the “flaws” of our human mind is what psychologists call “Self-serving bias”. It makes us excessively associate successes to our own actions and blame failures on external factors. Doesn’t sound familiar? You never worked in Sales! Those successful Sales happen, of course, because of […]