Towards a simplified B2B deal-making process

Stop losing winnable B2B deals with Mutual Action Plans

Imagine your pipeline being healthy and full of sweet opportunities. Your prospects fit your customer profile and your chances to win these deals are seemingly assured. All well, right? Or are your customer conversations going round in circles, you’re stuck waiting for them to finalize their “internal discussions” and you’re struggling to get those deals over the finishing line? If yes, you’re not alone. There are 4 main challenges that derail winnable deals before the finishing line:

Pleasing instead of advising:

The single biggest indicator of a Salesperson’ performance is the need to be liked. The study of Objective Management Group which was cited by the Harvard Business Review found that 86% of the weakest Sales performers indicated “they do need to be liked” while among the high performers only 11% do. People pleasing leads to customers avoiding saying no – but they do not move the needle towards a Sale. Buyers are not looking to buy from people they like but from those they trust. Think about your typical doctor: He/She is diagnosing your problem by asking clear questions and prescribes a solution based on your condition. Sell like your doctor – a trusted advisor.

Imaginative qualification & weak next steps:

Conflict avoidance is a well studied fact that varies in level among different cultures. The short rule: A “no” means no. A “yes” means maybe. A “yes” with a “how do we get there” means yes. Interpreting this wrongly, will lead to awkward conversations with your manager where you have to explain why this supposedly “yes” deal seemingly went nowhere. The solution plays in with the point above. Don’t settle for a “yes” without a “how” or your deal is not a qualified opportunity.

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