Towards a simplified B2B deal-making process

We provide B2B companies with a simple solution to iron out their complex B2B deals/Sales Process

Buying and selling has been an age-old concept wherein, in olden times two parties (typically individuals) used to meet, hold discussions to reach a consensus and effectuate a deal. Fast forward to the modern “technology driven” era, wherein the world has become interconnected, products more complex and business deals are generally evaluated and decided upon by the managing board of directors of the companies. This, combined with a plethora of regulations governing company form of business, intricate communication channels and business procedures result in deals/Sales processes becoming increasingly  complicated. Albeit complexities exist,  technological advancements  do facilitate those business dealings to get deals efficiently across  the finishing line.

To put things into perspective, in today’s world, a ‘DEAL’ of any stature between two or more business enterprises runs through numerous steps and procedures before its completion. This not only involves formal communications between various teams of the concerned parties but also constant alignment through the creation, analysis and organization of data that is generated during the entire process. In other words, the operational aspects of a deal sometimes become a ‘real pain in the neck’ when multiple teams are interacting in parallel to achieve a common goal , i.e., within the limited timeframe. Things become more bothersome when a deal loses track as the intertwined interactions among stakeholders meet unwanted roadblocks heading towards an inevitable fiasco.

Understanding the operational nuances associated with a transaction,  and to keep the interest of all involved stakeholders ‘alive’, Stageset’s has developed into a ‘one-stop’ solution which not only addresses the various ongoing needs ( which also include the requirements of organising and managing, – data) but also particularly helps in creating specific ‘MILESTONES’, that can be visibly tracked in our solution driven set-up. The idea is to provide much-needed organization in navigating through the complex structures of a deal in a quick, easy and engaging manner. Considering the post-closing business requirements, involvement of the parties doesn’t end  as soon as the deal is signed but continues until the agreed terms are firmly implemented. Accordingly, to meet such needs, our solution remains active through the follow-up requirements.

To know more about the solutions we offer, in our endeavour to change your perspective on business deals from OMG (Oh My God) ☹ to OMA 😊 (Organise, Manage, Analyse), we look forward to connect.


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