The duality of the B2B Sales process

Selling and buying are two sides of the same coin

While the ultimate purchasing decision is done by a buyer, the selling and buying process are two sides of the same coin. As a seller we persuade our counterpart of the merits for our product. As a buyer we evaluate the trade-off of acquiring said product.

So what’s the take-away? As a seller, we put all our focus on doing “our” persuasion part well. But what if the buyer faces difficulties in doing “their” evaluation part?

Gartner reported 77% of B2B buyers describing their latest purchase as very complex. The average b2b buying process involves 7-10 stakeholders, numerous vendors with different products and an endless amount of mails and calls. The overwhelming abundance of information combined with a non-standardized buying process results in delayed or stuck deals and high purchase regret.

As a seller, if we ignore this fact and only focus on doing “our” part, the duality hits: “Our” deals get stuck! Sellers who recognize this, put equal effort in supporting their buyer by making it easy to buy from them. At Stageset, we created a free-to-use solution supporting those sellers. Our users observe up to 72% faster sales cycles and report stronger customer relationships.

What are you doing to make it easy to buy from you?

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