How top sellers follow-up to close deals

Go from a scattered mess of links and attachments to sharing all your sales and onboarding resources on one page. Created in seconds.

Mails like this kill your deals

Bad followup eMails loose you deals. Use Stageset to win these deals


Information gets scattered and lost, leading to more emails and unnecessary meetings


They don’t help your prospect sell the idea to their own team


All you know is that your email was opened – nothing more

Share a room instead

Mutual action plans that win deals

64% faster Sales cycles

Information is centralized, leading to less emails and meetings required

21% higher deal win rate

Prospects can easily share the room to sell the idea to their own team

100% engagement insights

Know who is viewing your room at what time and know which content they interacted with

Stageset helps you win more deals faster in four steps

1. Create a room

Use templates to create a room between your company and others in seconds. Stageset auto-personalizes it for you.

Image with muliple digital sales rooms
Digital Showroom that embeds Google Slides, Google Sheets, Youtube, Calendly, Loom and Figma

2. Embed & upload any content

Share all your resources on one page. Streamline collaboration by adding next steps, file sharing and call to actions.

3. Invite prospects via link

Command attention with an auto-personalized link preview. Secure link access by domain or password.

An Invitation to collaborate inside Stageset
Analytics for a digital sales room, tracking what a client viewed, who they invited and that they booked a meeting

4. Track engagement

View any actions of your prospective buyers in real-time within the room for better decision-making.

Stageset works with your existing Sales stack

Embed anything

Embed anything

Easily embed any of your Sales tools directly in your Stageset room.

Connect your CRM

Connect your CRM

Automate your CRM updates by connecting Stageset in a few clicks.

Centralize content

Centralize content

Centralize all your Sales content for easy access for your Sales team.

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