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Increase Sales efficiency with collaborative deal pages

Stageset is a tailored solution for B2B sellers that increases sales efficiency by organizing all resources, docs and next steps on one page, from opportunity to onboarding.

B2B buyers loved their sales experience with Stageset

Pipedrive liked Stageset when buying a B2B solution
Mixpanel liked their buying experience with the Stageset B2B sales enablement tool
Zurich Insurance liked their buying experience with the Stageset sales enablement tool
Up your self AG is on of the first users in sales of Stageset
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Share collaborative deal pages with your buyers

Deals are won or lost when buyers pitch your product to their team. With Stageset, you equip your buyer in three clicks with a clear and convincing business case they can easily share internally.

"I used to struggle converting initial interest into closed deals, but with Stageset it’s a breeze. My clients love it and I can finally focus on actual selling."

Outline the buyer journey from evaluation to onboarding

No more mail ping-pong and sync-up meetings. Map out all steps required to effectively evaluate your product, buy from you and onboard successfully with your company.

"I lost hours after hours chasing my buyers down via mail to advance the Sales process. Stageset saves time for my customers and me by streamlining the Sales process."

Stageset is a sales enablement tool that provides B2B sellers with data about their buyers interactions inside the deal room that are far more precise than any other tool could deliver before.

Track buyer engagement

Identify the stakeholders on the buyer’s side, know when they think about your product and track which resources they are engaging with.

"I love seeing how our clients invite their team and how they interact with all the material. I know which opportunities will close and which are in danger based on their activity."​

Automate your CRM updates

Stageset seamlessly integrates with your CRM. It automatically adds people to opportunities, updates client information and logs interactions in your CRM.

"I love seeing how my clients invite their team and how they interact with all material. I know which opportunities will close and which are in danger based on their activity."

With Stageset you can see how interesting and helpful your sales collateral is for your buyers. Stageset deal rooms provide valuable insights into buyer behavior.
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Super easy to get started

With our templates you can setup a new account with just a few clicks and make a strong impression on your buyer.

Build your winner template

Start from one of our expert templates and add all your next steps, sales collateral and your meeting scheduling link into one beautiful template.

Create your dealroom with 3 clicks

Instantly create a personalized deal page from your template that you can then personalize to address the specific challenge of your buyer.

Get your buyer on board

Invite your buyer via email or hyperlink. Worried about security? We got you covered with domain and/or password restrictions. ​

For Sellers

For Sellers

Stageset helps you stay focused on actual selling and captures buyer intent for you.

For Leaders

For Leaders

Stageset help you build a repeatable winning Sales process for your Sales team.

For Buyers

For Buyers

With Stageset, sellers simplify your evaluation, buying and onboarding process.

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