How to setup your mutual action plan

This video shows how to select a mutual action plan template in Stageset and how to create a deal

Deal flow

Create a mutual action plan from your templates

Check out some of the standard templates to create your custom mutual success plan for yourself. Once ready click on the template to create a deal.

Sales repeatability

Prepare the deal for your client

Personalise the logo, description and potentially the milestone tasks for your client. Add some additional documents if required. And just like that you created your mutual action plan.

This video shows you the basic customization options in your Stageset Mutual action plan deal view

Manage documents

Introduce the deal

When you are discussing next steps with your client, introduce and add them to their virtual room. Show them how the typical evalution Milestones look like and if necessary add some steps


Collaborate to success

Use your deal room to always keep track of the current status. Automatic follow-ups will keep everybody on top of their tasks

The Milestone view of your mutual action plan in Stageset

Manage documents

Engage your client at the right time

In the deal overview screen you can always see on the left any customer interactions and on the right the status of all your deals.

Grey Flag - milestone is due tomorrow or later
Blue flag - milestone is due today
Red flag - milestone is overdue


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