Organize everything your buyer needs on one page

Make it easy to buy from you by consolidating all Sales content, next steps, legal docs and more in one customer-facing workspace. 

An example screenshot of how a B2B deal can be managed inside a Stageset digital deal room


Enable your buyer to complete their buying tasks anytime by themselves​

Champion enablement

Empower your buyer to effectively convince their colleagues easily​

Sales insights

Know exactly when and how each stakeholder engaged with your offering​

Mutual Action Plan

A mutual action plan outlines the actions required to evaluate and buy your solution. It includes responsibilities, target dates, and objectives to assure a collaborative and efficient buying process that meets the needs of both buyer and seller.

Stageset allows B2B sellers to build mutual action plans that actually get implemented. Set a timeline, add tasks and owners to get your deal over the line.
In Stageset, B2B sellers can track the activity and engagement of their buyers over time in their digital deal rooms.

Engagement analytics

The engagement analytics help you track the interactions of your customers with your deal plan. Know the times your customer were online and the number of times they interacted with your content.

Template library​

Create, adjust and manage templates in the library for you to create deals in seconds. Previously sent deals can be updated in one go by updating elements of it in the library.

Stageset works with pre-built templates that the user can customize to the need of their sales process and their buyers requirements.

Content experience

Build a standardized company deal appearance that you continuosly improve with our data driven feedback loop.

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